Foto of Quadrifoglio Tattoo (old school)

Quadrifoglio Tattoo old school

Quadrifoglio – four-leaf clover Tattoo.  = good luck

Four leaf clover Tattoo meaning  popular symbol that is widely known as a symbol of good luck. 

Here on workdesigning you’ll find best pictures of tattoos of four leaf clovers (Quadrifoglio) :

Four leaf clover Tattoo workdesigning Four leaf clover Tattoo-442x600 Four leaf clover Tattoo-462x600 Four leaf clover Tattoo-678x478 Four leaf clover Tattoo-rana four-leaf-clover-tattoo pg8 Four leaf clover Tattoo Quadrifoglio Tattoo 43 quadrifoglioecorno tatuaggio-quadrifoglio-Four leaf clover Tattoo 353 Quadrifoglio Tattoo 1157449_10202031701304515_2037211509_n-337x600 clover-leaf-tattoo-for-girl clover-tattoo Quadrifoglio Tattoo Four leaf clover Tattoo 3

Foto of Quadrifoglio Tattoo

Dice Tattoo designs – Best pictures

dice tattoos for men
Dice tattoos for men


Dice Tattoos meaning you can represent a belief that you consider yourself lucky. It can symbolize – you rely on luck rather than on inherent talents. On our site you can find dice tattoo for men ideas:

Mike DeVries Dice Tattoo

Dice tattoos for men

Traditional dice tatoo – white with black dots, but you can use variety of different colors

Dice tattoos for men


Coming soon –  dice tattoo for girls…